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16mm Archival Provent Storage Can 400 ft

Your Price: $5.35
16mm Film Core or Reel Archival Vented Storage Can 400 ft
Part Number: TU16400C
The better your film can breathe, the less likely it is to succumb to vinegar syndrome. There is no better protection than these revolutionary new actively ventilated containers that significantly improve airflow compared to standard ventilated containers, reducing free acid levels and literally bringing new life into your valuable film collection. Raised cover allows air space above the film. Chemically inert polypropylene restricts off-gassing. Entire sidewall accepts standard labeling. Full range of 16mm sizes for protected storage of 400 ft to 2,000 ft of film. Convenient nesting rings ensure stable stacking. Industry standard sizes maximize storage space and allow stacking with standard metal cans. UL Certified for non-halogenated flame retardancy, complies with flame rating UL94V-2.

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