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8mm Archival Autoloading Movie Film Reel & Can Set 400 ft. (Black)

Your Price: $7.80
8mm 400 ft Archival reel and can set
Part Number: TUB8400VRC
8mm 400 ft (reel diameter 7 in. - center hole standard for all 8mm 1/4 in)  Archival Reel and Vented Storage Case.  Tuscan’s exclusive and patent-protected design provides a three-way combination of manual and automatic loading, incorporated within the advanced, one-piece construction. This revolutionary style eliminates glued sections entirely, providing an extremely rigid center and ensuring a true running reel. Plus, manual loading is made easy through a wide entry slot that tapers to a film-end grip.  Highest quality polystyrene construction.  Attractive and durable.  UV protective archival vented case is stackable with locking feet.  Reel has smooth rounded edges which helps prevent film damage and accurate graduated scale measurements are displayed clearly on both sides of the reel.  Removable adapter included.  Made in the USA by Tuscan.

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